Meet Mallik and Mariana: The Foundation of M & M Homes


Meet Mallik Singareddy

Mallik Singareddy found his passion for historic home renovations and custom home design more than 15 years ago when he and his wife, Marianna, moved to the Historic Springfield neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2006. He quickly fell in love with the historic homes found throughout the community and identified an opportunity soon after the recession upon seeing a number of Springfield homes for sale, though many were in desperate need of repairs. This foundation became the beginning of M & M Homes.

Over the years, Mallik and his team have renovated numerous historic homes, many of which would have met the wrecking ball if not for Mallik’s vision of what they could become. Renovations for historic homes can be very challenging, but Mallik and his team have been able to save many historic homes throughout downtown Jacksonville’s historic neighborhoods. Over time, Mallik moved his passion forward and began to design and build custom homes due to the availability of vacant lots and the reduced inventory of fixable historic homes. 

Mallik’s role at M & M Homes today is overseeing the entire construction process – including navigating permitting, abatements, and compliance with historic and city regulations. Mallik also serves as a financial officer for M & M Homes.

Meet Marianna Singareddy

Marianna, a retired pharmacist, handles all design and logistical details of M & M Homes’ historic renovation and custom build projects. A designer at heart, Marianna pursued design school at an early age but was instead accepted into pharmaceutical school. She has since returned to the roots she is most passionate about: art, design, and adaptive reuse. She began doing small projects for M & M Homes, including upcycling or restoring old doors, fixtures, furniture, and other materials, and customers began recognizing her unique abilities and inherent design skills. Now, Marianna is the lead designer for all of M & M Homes’ renovation and custom build projects, handling everything from initial design to product/material sourcing to installation. Every M & M Homes project infuses Marianna’s unique design perspectives and ideas, each with its own purpose and integration into a one-of-a-kind finished product.

In addition to leading all interior and exterior design, Marianna handles property management for all of M & M Homes’ rental properties. She is also a licensed realtor with Florida Homes Realty and Mortgage and handles all real estate transactions for the company. 



M & M Homes’ mission is to deliver the highest-quality custom build, historic renovation, and rental family homes. Our purpose is to provide a superior standard of living with elevated style while providing a home worthy of your investment.